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The origin of the mountain in Indonesia quite a lot. In addition because there are indeed many mountains in Indonesia, the culture is also increasingly thickened the existence of stories or legends about these mountains.

Based on the big Indonesian dictionary, the word 'legend' means: ancient folklore that has to do with historical events. Therefore, there are a lot of mountains in Indonesia that have stories of legends passed down from generation to generation.

These stories are closely related to the origin of the mountain, the founding of the mountain, or the creation of a mountain. Because the certia of the people, of course in real terms is not real. But that's what culture is called, and we need to preserve and preserve it.

Well, has summarized several lists or mountain lists that have legeda stories or their origins. Some others are not yet on the list, if the readers have good references, you can add them in the comments column.

List of Mountain Origins

1Mount KabaBengkuluThe place where the baby goddess fell
2Mount BromoEast JavaRoro Anteng and Joko Seger
3Semeru MountainEast JavaMountains from India
4Mount PenanggunganEast JavaCut from the top of Semeru
5mountain KeludEast Java Dyah Ayu and Lembu Surya
6Tangkuban Perahu MountainWest JavaSangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi
7Mount SlametCentral JavaBalancing the island of Java
8Holy mountainBaliCut from the top of Semeru
9Mount Sangiang ApiNTBCoconut Shell two brothers
10Mount Lokon-EmpungigniteThe color is peeping at the gods
11Rokatenda MountainNTTYouth who are seduced by angels
12Mount KelimutuNTTAta Bupu, Ata Polo, Ko’ofai and Nawa Muri battles
13Mount SabampoluluSultraThe fight between the mountain guard jinn
14Mount MissSouth SulawesiPeople who have sex outside of marriage
15Niut MountainWest KalimantanThe ugly woman from Dayak
16Mount BatudayaWest KalimantanThe child left behind ishes his mother
17Mount YesNTTMen who are denied love

The legend of the origin of the mountain from generation to generation is told by the people. The average legend on the islands of Java and Bali comes from Hindu-Buddhist religious beliefs. Some of them are influenced by stories of the royal times. While the legend of the mountains in the Moluccas, NTT, Sulawesi is usually more animistic or belief in spirits.

1 The Origins of Mount Kaba

Mount Kaba is a tourist mountain located in Bengkulu. The mountain has available climbing stairs so anyone can enjoy the view of Mount Kaba.

For the people of Bengkulu they have a folklore related to the origin of Mount Kaba, or also called Bukit Kaba. That is the story of humans and angels.

A man is playing the flute until an angel is blown away. The angel was assigned to look after the baby of the Goddess. But because he was complacent, the baby he was guarding fell to earth. It is said that the place where the baby fell became Mount Kaba.

2 The Origins of Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is located inside a giant caldera called the Tengger Caldera. The name “Tengger” is taken from the suffixes of the couple Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. Roro Anteng and Joko Seger are a husband and wife who are never blessed with children.

Then the couple were given 25 children by the God but on condition one of them must be sacrificed. Then one of his last children was chosen, named Jaya Kusuma and competed in the crater of a mountain which was then called Mount Bromo. From there then until now known a tradition of sacrificing property into the Bromo crater. The tradition is called “Kasada”.

3 The Origins of Mount Semeru

Mount Semeru is the highest mountain on the island of Java. The origin of Mount Semeru is very thick with the beliefs of the gods.

According to legend told from generation to generation, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma brought a giant mountain from Jawadwipa (India) to the land of Java. The land of Java was chosen because it is a fertile location to be the center of the next life. The mountain will be placed on Java because the land of Java oscillates in the ocean. But when carrying the giant mountain the pieces fell. And then planted a potpngan the body of the largest mountain in the eastern region. Which came to be called Mount Semeru.

Semeru peak is believed to be the gateway to heaven. Therefore, at the location of plawangan or out of the forest boundary, believed to be guarded by two twin gods called Arcopodo.

4 The Origins of Mount Penanggungan

Penanggungan Mountain is also located in East Java. This mountain also has a legend story of the same origin as Semeru. It is said that Mount Penanggungan is the peak of Mount Semeru which is cut off and thrown. Therefore Mount Penanggungan is often also referred to as “a miniature Semeru” because its shape is very similar to the peak of Mount Semeru.

The story of the origin of Mount Penanggungan is in one channel with Semeru. That is a fall from a giant mountain brought from Jawadwipa (India) by the gods. The top of the giant mountain was thrown and then became Mount Penanggungan.

5 The Origins of Mount Kelud

Mount Kelud has a legendary story about the betrayal of love by Dyah Ayu to Lembu Surya. There used to be a king's daughter named Dyah Ayu Pusparani who was the daughter of King Brawijaya from the Majapahit Kingdom. He held a contest to find a husband. A person named Lembu Surya was chosen. But apparently the figure of the Lembu Surya did not fit Dyah Ayu's criteria, so Dyah Ayu proposed a condition to Lembu Surya to make a well on the Kelud Peak. Lembu Surya agreed and dug a well in the Kelud Peak. While digging a well, Surya Lembu was buried by Dyah Ayu along with the well he dug. It is said that the eruption after the eruption of Mount Kelud is the anger of the Solar Ox.

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6 The Origin of Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

From the name alone it can be interpreted: The Upside Down Boat. The legend of Tangkuban Perahu is one of the most famous. Namely about the powerful Sangkuriang mandraguna.

Sangkuriang loves a beautiful woman who has a calibaration turned out to be her own biological mother who is ageless and has been separated from her son, Sangkuriang, since childhood. The woman named Dayang Sumbi. Sangkuriang proposed Dayang Sumbi without knowing that she was her biological mother. Dayang Sumbi then gave very heavy conditions, namely Sangkuriang had to make a lake and a large boat in one night until the dawn. Sangkuriang agreed, and he almost finished the task. Dayang Sumbi told the chicken to crow immediately so that dawn had arrived. Sure enough, the cock crowed and Sangkuriang had failed. Because angry, Sangkuriang kicked the boat he made to fly and fell on his stomach and be Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

7 The Origins of Mount Slamet

Mount Slamet has the same legend as Semeru. That is a mountain that is plugged in the land of Java as a counterweight. It is said that Mount Slamet has its own features because the gods plant it right in the middle of the island of Java.

The privilege is in line with the naming “Slamet” which means the same as “Congratulations”. The mountain is believed by the community as a congratulation. It means to bring peace and peace. But behind all that a terrible myth is also believed by the public. Namely Jayabaya's prediction that a Majapahit king said that if Mount Slamet erupted fiercely then Java would split into two.

8 The Origins of Mount Agung

Mount Agung in Bali is also thick with Hindu Buddhist beliefs. The origin of Mount Agung cannot be separated from the story of Semeru and the gods.

One note in the Babad Pasek tells that Hyang Pasupati once placed three mountains in Nusa Bali, namely Lempuyang Mountain in the east, Watukaru Mountain in the west, and Mount Bratan in the north. But apparently not balance Nusa Bali. Then cut the peak of Mount Semeru, then plugged in the middle of Nusa Bali. The peak is called “Tolangkir” which is now called “Mount Agung”.

9 The Origins of Mount Sangiang Api

In the province of NTB there is a small island called Pulau Sangeang (or Sangiang). The island is actually an active volcano that has two domes. Legend has it that there were two separate twins. Each half lives in a coconut shell with the hope that one day they will recognize each other.

But after they were adults they turned out to meet as enemies. Each of them carried ships and fought in the sea. Until the ship overturned and the two finally came to their senses after they saw the coconut shell that each brought. Then the overturned boat transformed into a mountain.

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10 Legend of Mount Lokon Empung & Klabat

The legend that has been told for generations tells that Mount Lokon used to be a place where Gods descended. One time there was a human named “Warerah” peering into the world of the sky. This caused the god to be angry and chase Warerah. However, Warerah was not afraid. He also cut Mount Lokon Peak to the far flung to the north and became Mount Klabat, then cut again and thrown into the ocean and become Mount Manado Tua.

11 The Origins of Mount Rokatenda

It is said that there used to be a lake where bathing the angels Once, there was a handsome, attractive man who visited the lake and meditated. One angel was captivated by his good looks and teased her, but the man remained in his meditation. Seeing this, the Lord of Nature punished the angel by removing her from her group. Whereas the man is condemned to be a figure full of fur because his good looks make other people complacent. However, the determination of the man will spread among the surrounding community. Since then the tarnished lake has turned into a volcano and is a reminder to humans.

12 The Origins of Mount Kelimutu

The legend of Kelimutu is told from the fierce battle between Ata Polo and Ata Bupu, who are equally powerful. Ata Bupu protects two young Ko'ofai (young girls) and Nuwa Muri (young men) from the evil Ata Polo. But in the end Ata Bupu lost and sank into the earth. Ata Polo apparently also consumed its own strength and sank into the earth. Two young people also entered the earth. And be 3 crater lakes of Mount Kelimutu.

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13 The Origins of Mount Sabampolulu

There used to be two mountains facing each other, each guarded by a strong jinn. Due to a water crisis, there was a battle between the two mountain guards which resulted in one of the peaks being evacuated. That mountain is called Sabampolulu, which is famous for its peaks that are exposed.

14 The Origins of Mount Nona

Mount Nona in South Sulawesi has a legendary story, it is said that in the past there were people who often had sex outside of marriage and heeded the king's appeal. And finally comes the doom. The community turned into mountains shaped like women's genitals.

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15 The Origins of Niut Mountain

Mount Niut in West Kalimantan has a legendary story about an ugly girl named Niut. He asked for a beautiful face but with the curse whoever marries him will die. Niut got married and all nine of her husbands died. Until the tenth husband found out about the curse and he knew Niut's weakness. In the end Niut was the one who died. And he was buried in a mountain called Mount Niut.

16 The Origins of Mount Batu Daya

Batu Daya in West Kalimantan is told to have a legend like this: once a child named Daya sat on a rock. While his mother was washing clothes by the river. Because busy washing the mother forgets her child. Power is calling out to her mother but not heard. The mother looked back and how shocked because the stone occupied by her child had been transformed into a giant stone as big as a mountain. And later nicknamed the Rock Power.

17 The Origins of Mount Iya

Mount Iya in NTT has a legendary story where a man named Iya once expressed his love for a woman named Meja. But his love was rejected because Meja loved another man, Wongge. Yes, the blind heart vent his anger and cut the head of the Table to bounce into the sea. Since that time the Table has been transformed into a Table Mountain which is located right next to an active mountain like a smoking and bad-tempered person, Iya Mountain.

For readers who want to add the legendary story of the origin of the mountains in Indonesia, please in the comments column.

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