Almost every 2-5 years, this volcano erupts. And before the eruption of Mount Merapi, various strange natural phenomena always appear.

As of November 5, 2020, BPPTKG has upgraded Mount Merapi's status to Alert (Level III). This status upgrade is carried out based on monitoring and evaluation of data from the BPPTKG. Earthquake tremors occurred intensively starting in October 2020. On November 4, 2020, there were recorded as many as 29 volcanic earthquakes, 57 avalanches, and 64 gusts per day.

As one of the most dangerous and active volcanoes in the world, Mount Merapi's activity is always dynamic. Almost every 2-5 years, this volcano experiences explosive eruptions. And before the eruption of Mount Merapi, various strange natural phenomena always appear.

1. Lenticular cloud


Thursday (5/11/2020), along with the increase in Alert status (Level III), a strange phenomenon appeared in the form of circular clouds at the top of Mount Merapi, Mount Sindoro, Mount Lawu, Mount Merbabu, Mount Arjuno, and Mount Welirang. The public believes that the presence of these clouds is related to the possibility of a natural disaster on Mount Merapi.

This circular cloud is called Altocumulus Lenticularis which is formed by wind waves over which the layer is strong enough, hitting the walls of the mountains, causing turbulence and forming multilevel clouds like lenses. It is not true that Lenticularis clouds are related to the Alert status of Mount Merapi because it is not a geological phenomenon.

2. Wild Animals Come Down the Mountain


Prior to the eruption, the air and soil temperature around the summit of Mount Merapi will increase. This made a number of wild animals living in the vicinity feel uncomfortable and decided to go down the mountain. This is evidenced by the discovery of a mysterious footprint thought to belong to a coyote on the evacuation route of Cangkringan District.

Five langurs also descended on Pejagen Hamlet in Klaten Regency on Sunday (22/11/2020) yesterday. Parties from the Mount Merapi National Park (TNGM) said that the lutung descended due to fear of hearing the roar from the collapsing lava wall of Mount Merapi. They are looking for a safe place to live and shelter from the eruption.

3. Semar Cloud


The eruption of Mount Merapi in March 2020 was accompanied by a strange phenomenon, namely the emergence of clouds of volcanic ash erupting in the shape of Semar's face. Not only this time, the phenomenon of Semar Clouds has also occurred in 2012. Semar is a figure very sacred by the Javanese in Central Java and Yogyakarta because of their wisdom and supernatural powers.

The figure of Semar in Javanese puppetry is the incarnation of Bathara Ismaya. Strange body shape, looks like a person noted. His posture is round with puffy eyes, his face looks old but his hairstyle is ponytail like a child, he is a boy but has big breasts like a girl. Semar is a god who lives as a commoner.

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