Although all tourism activities in Bali will be suspended, tourists are still allowed to do exciting activities inside the hotel.

Right on Wednesday (25/3), all Hindus around the world will celebrate the Saka New Year which is celebrated as Nyepi Day. For Hindus, Nyepi is a day of purification of gods and goddesses in the center of the Ocean which brings the essence of amerta, the water of life. Nyepi is done by tapa brata, staying silent for one day without doing any worldly activities.

During the Nyepi celebration, Bali as a place where the majority of the people adheres to Hinduism will temporarily stop tourism activities. All tourist attractions and access in and out of Bali will not operate. But calm, the tourists are still allowed to do activities as usual as long as it does not interfere with the Nyepi celebration.

In order to keep the holiday fun and exciting, tourists who are already in Bali during Nyepi celebrations can do the following activities.

1. Participate in the Melasti Ceremony

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Before the Nyepi celebration is truly held, the Balinese will usually hold a Melasti ceremony. Melasti is a ceremony of self-purification by drifting natural impurities into the ocean, the aim is to purify oneself from all the bad deeds of the past. Various sacred objects belonging to the temple will also be purified during the Melasti Ceremony. The objects were first paraded around the village by people wearing traditional Balinese clothes and bringing offerings.

2. Witness the Ogoh-Ogoh Parade


Hindus in Bali will hold a Ngrupuk or Pangrupukan ceremony the day before Nyepi. This ceremony is carried out by spreading rice tawur, tearing the house and yard, spraying the house and yard with gunpowder, and sounding the kentongan until it is crowded. Ngrupuk's goal is to expel Bathara Kala, a symbol of crime, from the neighborhood.

The Ngrupuk ceremony in Bali was enlivened by the ogoh-ogoh parade which is an embodiment of Bathara Kala. Ogoh-ogoh were paraded around the village then burned to ward off evil. The best places to see the ogoh-ogoh parade are Kuta and Ubud. Tourists can see an interesting and lively ogoh-ogoh group here.

3. Omed-Omedan tradition

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The day after the Nyepi celebration, young people in Denpasar who are 17-30 years old and not married will hold the Omed-Omedan tradition. This tradition begins with praying together for salvation, then divided into two groups according to gender. Participants will be paraded and facing each other on the main village road. After the cue, the young men in the front row will pull each other, hug, even kissing while doused with water. The goal is to find a mate and strengthen custody, compassion, and fostering among residents.

4. Enjoy the Stars in the Sky


During Nyepi celebrations, the entire streets of Bali become empty and very quiet. Lights or light at night also goes out. At that time, the air in Bali will feel fresher and cleaner than usual because there is no pollution. One of the advantages of vacationing in Bali when Nyepi is being able to enjoy hundreds of expanses of stars in the sky without any help. Beautiful and feels very peaceful.

5. Maximize Hotel Facilities

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Although all tourism activities in Bali will be stopped temporarily, tourists are still allowed to do activities inside the hotel or inn as long as it does not cause a commotion. During that time, fill in your daily activities by making the most of the hotel facilities, such as swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, spa, and others. Tourists can also enjoy a variety of Balinese culinary delights in the hotel restaurant.

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