In fact, there are also many hotels in the RedDoorz chain that are of high quality. The following are recommendations for luxury RedDoorz hotels at affordable prices in Jakarta.

Jakarta as the nation's capital holds millions of its own charms that are difficult to describe. Various exciting tourist destinations complete with unique culinary delights that are appetizing, it feels like exploring Jakarta is not enough for just one day. No need to worry, Jakarta has a variety of exciting and comfortable accommodations, from the simplest to the most luxurious ones.

One alternative that can be chosen is the hotel chain from RedDoorz. This hotel is not forever for the lower class. In fact, there are also many hotels in this chain that have high quality. Here are recommendations for affordable luxury RedDoorz hotels in Jakarta.

1. RedDoorz Premiun near RS Pondok


This Guest House / Bed & Breakfast type accommodation is located at Jakan Metro Duta Niaga UB 11, Pondok Indah, Jakarta. The location is not far from Istiqlal Mosque (2.98 Km), Basoeki Abdullah Museum (1.42 Km), and Pondok Indah Golf Course (1.68 Km). The facilities provided range from free internet access – WiFi, air conditioning, TV, wardrobe, bathroom, and fitness center.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 280,000 per night.

2. RedDoorz Plus near Dharmawangsa Square


Located on Jalan Panglima Polim III Number 27, Kebayoran Baru, this accommodation is located near Blok M (500 m), Istiqlal Mosque (5.96 Km), and Grand Indonesia Mall (6.39 Km). Each room is equipped with air conditioning, TV, private bathroom along with a set of free toiletries. The hotel is connected by internet access – WiFi. Free car parking facility for all visitors.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 182,659 per night.

3. RedDoorz Premium @ Cilandak Timur 2


This accommodation is a Guest House / Bed and Breakfast type, located on Jalan Jaha Number 56 RT.11 / RW.1, East Cilandak, Jakarta. Only 990 m from Istiqlal Mosque and 880 m from the Harry Darsono Museum. There is a swimming pool. Each room is equipped with free internet access – WiFi, AC, TV, and a private bathroom along with a free toiletries set.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 247,950 per night.

4. RedDoorz Plus near Senayan City


The location is located on Jalan Pakubuwono VI Number 26A A-B RT.5 / RW.8, Kebayoran Baru, Pondok Indah, Jakarta. Access to accommodation is quite easy because it is surrounded by various modes of transportation. From Senayan City only 760 m. The facilities available range from WiFi internet access, free car park, luggage storage service, and many more.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 268,537 per night.

5. RedDoorz Plus @ CBD Bintaro


This accommodation is quite far from the center of Jakarta, the location is precisely located on Jalan Pd. Pucung Raya Number 8A, Bintaro, Tangerang. Located not far from a number of tourist objects, such as Telaga Sampireum (900 m), Teras Kota BSD City Mall (5.96 Km), and a number of other shopping centers. Every corner of the hotel is connected by free internet access. The reception is open 24 hours.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 146,475 per night.

Those are the recommendations for luxury and affordable RedDoorz hotels in Jakarta. Rental fees listed are subject to change depending on the high / low season of the booking, the rate of inflation, local tax policies, and the number of requests. Booking during low season is cheaper. Make sure to always double check the final price before confirming your order.

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