Sentul, which entered the Bogor area in West Java, became one of the favorite tourist destinations during the Covid-19 pandemic for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings. Sentul is famous for its beautiful mountain scenery, there are many waterfall, rice fields, hills, and caves. Recently, the trekking route in Sentul has also been on the rise.

The climbing location is around Karangtengah, 20 minutes from luxury housing Sentul City. It's not a hard hike, but it's quite exciting to treat your longing for climbing on a high mountain. Many travel agents offer packages via Instagram social media, prices depend on the route, duration, and terrain.

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The following shows some of the most popular trekking routes in Sentul during the Covid-19 pandemic, an alternative holiday destination for residents of the capital Jakarta and its surroundings.

1. Mount Pancar

Mount Pancar has an altitude of only 300-800 masl, with a sloping topography to steep waves with a slope of 15-40%. The trekking path in Sentul is fairly relaxed, so it is very suitable for beginner levels. Not far from the Mount Pancar area, there are also shady and green pine forest spots that have amazing natural panoramas.

Mount Pancar Route, Bogor (

2. Bojong Koneng route

The Bojong Koneng route is one of the most favorite, offering a variety of hiking trails, ranging from red rocky soil to muddy trails. This route is perfect for those of you who like challenges. The natural panorama in Bojong Koneng is said to be the best in the Sentul area. This route is also busy with cyclists from Jakarta to Bogor.

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3. Cisadon Village

Cisadon Village is not to be missed, this remote village area in Sentul is located at an altitude of 1,100 masl. This village offers a natural landscape surrounded by panoramic views of green hills with cool and beautiful air. Even though it is quite remote, there are simple stalls to rest or just drink coffee while enjoying the beautiful nature.

Panorama at Cisadon Village (Instagram / shelly_natallia).

4. Trail Run Bojong Koneng-Cisadon

For those of you who like trail runs, the Bojong Koneng-Cisadon route is worth a try. With a total route length of up to 7.5 km, this route is surrounded by extraordinary natural scenery. If you walk casually, this route can be taken for three hours. But if you run, it takes only two hours to reach the finish point at the end of the track.

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5. Cisadon-Rawa Gede motor trail

This path is quite difficult and challenging, providing narrow trekking routes with steep descents and steep climbs. Around the Cisadon-Rawa Gede route there is a beautiful lake with a waterfall nearby. The total length of this route is 7 km, and can be reached in three hours. The scenery along the path is beautiful with coffee trees.

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