There are also many hotels in the RedDoorz network that are unique and of good quality. Here are the unique RedDoorz hotels in Bandung for a cheap staycation.

Bandung is a city that is famous for having a myriad of tourist attractions complete with lodging. Its location which is not far from Jakarta makes Bandung a favorite destination for citizens of the capital for a vacation. The natural atmosphere is beautiful and cool, making tourists feel at home for long in this flower city. No need to worry, Bandung has plenty of quality accommodation at affordable prices.

RedDoorz isn't all about low-end accommodation. There are also many hotels in the RedDoorz network that are unique and of high quality. Here is a unique RedDoorz hotel in Bandung for an exciting staycation that is cheap.

1. RedDoorz Resort @ Lembang 2


The location is on Jalan Pabrik Gitar 1, Lembang. It was once one of the popular accommodations of its time. Although the price is very affordable, this accommodation is equipped with luxurious facilities. There is a swimming pool and surrounded by beautiful and cool natural scenery of Lembang. Free internet access – WiFi is available for guests.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 120,833 per night.

2. RedDoorz Plus near Dago Pakar


This accommodation is in the vicinity of the tourist center of Bandung, Dago. Precisely at Jalan Cipaheut Kidul Number 3, Cigadung, Dago. The tropical natural panorama in this place is amazing, suitable as an alternative staycation location to clear your mind so you don't get stressed. Provided facilities for a swimming pool, shared kitchen, internet access – WIFi, TV, and many more.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 134,000 per night.

3. RedDoorz Premium @ Moh. Toha


RedDoorz premium is located at Jalan Sriwijaya Number 121, Ciseureuh, Regol, Bandung. The architectural design of this accommodation is fairly instagramable, right for those of you who like photography. Every corner in this property is connected by free internet access. Other amenities include television water, air conditioning, bottled mineral water, private bathroom with free mansi set.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 199,363 per night.

4. RedDoorz Plus @ Dorman Guest House


Dorman Guest House is located on Jalan Durma Number 49, right behind Pasar Baru. The architecture is very unique in industrial style with a room type concept similar to a prison, workshop, and beach. If you choose a Deluxe type room, guests can request the concept of the room to be occupied. The facilities available include air conditioning, internet access, TV, and bathroom.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 169,091 per night.

5. RedDoorz @ Kiaracondong


RedDoorz @ Kiaracondong is an Ultima Guest House located in Binong, Batununggal. The location is only five minutes from Kiaracondong Station. This place can be an option while waiting for the train departure schedule. There is an aesthetic cafe for casual hangouts. The facilities are also quite complete, from AC to WiFi.

Order now at Agoda with prices starting from IDR 109,339 per night.

Those are the recommendations for the unique RedDoorz hotel in Bandung. Rental fees listed are subject to change depending on the high / low season of the booking, the rate of inflation, local tax policies, and the number of requests. Booking during low season is cheaper. Make sure to always double check the final price before confirming your order.

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