The value of infrastructure development on Komodo Island reaches Rp 69.9 billion. There are seven priority infrastructures being worked on by PUPR.

Plans to make Labuan Bajo a premium tourist destination are now in the works. A number of regional planning development projects are also being worked on. including Rinca Island, which is a habitat for rare Komodo dragons. The government said it would present a tourist spot in the style of Jurassic Park with Komodo as the main star.

Development continues to run despite criticism from various parties because it is feared that it could threaten the sustainability of Komodo. The value of infrastructure development on Rinca Island reached Rp 69.9 billion, which was carried out by the Ministry of PUPR. There are seven priority infrastructure being worked on on Rinca Island. The following are among them.

1. Loh Buaya Pier

(Ministry of PUPR)

The government, through the Ministry of PUPR, will make improvements to the Loh Buaya Pier. The existing pier will have an area of ​​up to 400 square meters with a length of 100 meters and a width of 4 meters.

2. Elevated Deck

(Ministry of PUPR)

The Elevated Deck is built on the existing section as a road as well as connecting access between the pier, information center, as well as lodging for ranger, guide, and researcher. The Elevated Deck is designed to have a height of 2 meters so as not to disturb the activities of Komodo dragons and other passing animals, but also to protect the safety of tourists.

3. Information Center

(Ministry of PUPR)

Information center building integrated with Elevated Deck, resort office, guest house, and cafeteria with an area of ​​up to 3,055 square meters.

4. Lodging

(Ministry of PUPR)

Lodging buildings were built for rangers, tour guides, and researchers. The total area of ​​the accommodation to be built reaches 1,510 square meters and is equipped with a research post and a Komodo dragon habitat monitoring post covering 310 and 126 square meters, respectively.

5. Beach Safety

(Ministry of PUPR)

The beach protection building on Rinca Island that is being built is a 100 meter long path for access and exit to the Komodo National Park area on Rinca Island.

6. Fencing

(Ministry of PUPR)

Fencing work is being carried out to separate the local area from the super premium area of ​​Rinca Island. Not only that, the fencing project is also carried out as an effort to protect tourists from various wildlife that may occur.

7. Facilities and Infrastructure

(Ministry of PUPR)

The development of supporting facilities and infrastructure for tourism on Rinca Island is also carried out as part of the overall arrangement of the National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN). Labuan Bajo in NTT. One of them is the installation of 550 meter pipes and a 144 square meter reservoir for drinking water management system infrastructure.

Source – 2020-11-17 05:40:58


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