Take advantage of it with exciting activities at home such as marathons watching TV series or favorite movies on streamin services like Netflix, VIU, or Videomax.

The Vrus Corona outbreak (Covid-19) established by World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic is a frightening specter for people throughout the world. Not surprisingly, Covid-19, the first outbreak in Wuhan City, China since the end of 2019, has caused 378,741 people to be infected, and 16,502 of them have been declared dead. Although the death rate is not as large as the outbreak of Avian Influenza or Swine Flu a few years ago, the rapid spread of Covid-19 has had a major impact on the decline of the global economy.

Several countries in the world such as Italy, France and Malaysia have set lockdown status to suppress the spread of Covid-19. The Indonesian government has not yet chosen the lockdown step because it has the potential to cause a severe economic crisis and inflation. In order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the Government of Indonesia has implemented social distancing, which is to reduce the intensity of activities outside the home and interactions with others. This step includes avoiding crowded centers, such as supermarkets, cinemas, and tourist attractions. As long as this outbreak has not subsided, people are encouraged to stay as much as possible in the house.

Very boring, because during that time the public is not allowed to go on vacation. No need to worry, because there are many exciting activities to kill the boredom that can be done during social distancing at home. Here are some of them.

1. Watch TV Series / Film

During social distancing, there is plenty of free time that you have never had before. Take advantage of the marathon watching your favorite TV series or movies on streamin services like Netflix, VIU, or Videomax by sitting on a sofa or a comfortable bed. Korean drama or Western TV series can be interesting choices. But keep in mind, don't overdo yourself in doing this activity. Do not let your bedtime and meal times be interrupted because you are too busy watching.


2. Light exercise

At home, that does not mean lazing. You also still need to be healthy and fit by exercising. Choose sports activities that do not need to involve others and do not damage the furniture of the house, for example, yoga, gymnastics, jumping rope, and zumba. Today there are also many free instructor videos that can be accessed via Youtube as a guide. Invite other family members so that the atmosphere is more crowded.

3. Reading a Book

If you still have books that have not yet been read, then this social distancing period is the right time to finish them. Take all the books that are too neat on the shelf then read. Book reading activities can be a door to see the outside world, even though currently isolated in the house. Many exciting adventure stories that can be enjoyed with a set of values ​​and wisdom of life. If you don't have a book, you can buy online prints at the Play Store at a cheaper price than the physical print.

4. Cooking

After watching too many Chef’s Table or Masterchef shows, there is usually a desire that arises to become a good cook. If during this time the cooking activities at home are constrained by physical tiredness after work or college, then in this social distancing period you can try to start it. Start with simple dishes, like donuts or pastries. Besides being able to hone skills, making one's own food is much healthier because hygiene can be ensured.


5. Taking care of yourself

It's time to pamper yourself by caring for the body. No need to expensive and far to the salon, just start with hair creambtah, skin scrubbing, face masks, soaking in a bath bomb, or cutting nails. By caring for yourself like this, not only the appearance is maintained, but also the mind will become more relaxed and relaxed. Do it regularly, and after the social distribution is finished you will look more beautiful and full of charm.

6. Planting

For those of you who at home have a large yard, can start to grow crops. Plant plants that can enhance your yard, such as roses or potted plants. Once planted, start learning to care for it diligently. Clean the dried leaves that fall or cut the withered parts of the plant. Give fertilizer, and flush with enough water. This activity can give you busy life that has value benefits.

7. Playing Games

If you are usually too busy with work and college issues that are piling up, in this social distancing period start relaxing and resting your band. Occasionally you can try various mobile games on smartphones. Try trending games, like Mobile Legend: Bang-Bang. Can also play on popular game consoles, such as PS or ninetendo. RPG games like Pokemon will take you to the exciting and tense world of Pokemon adventures.

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