Although beer is identical to alcohol, some types of traditional beer in Indonesia actually do not intoxicate even have health benefits.

Long before modern beer was widely known, various regions of Indonesia had long known their own traditional local beer produced from the fermentation process of fruits and plants. Indonesian traditional beer is so popular, based on the data it is known that 38.7% of liquor consumers prefer traditional local beer and then red wine, whiskey, and others.

Although beer is synonymous with alcohol, some traditional types of beer in Indonesia actually do not intoxicate even have health benefits. The following are types of traditional Indonesian beer.

1. Cap Tikus – North Sulawesi


Cap Tikus is one of Indonesia's traditional beer brands originating from the Minahasa land. Alcohol content contained in Cap Tikus can reach 40%. This happens because the Cap Tikus distillation technique is very good so that high alcohol content can be produced which is very high quality. Mouse Cap is alcohol products that have been legalized by the regional government of North Sulawesi.

2. Brem – Bali


Brem is an alcoholic drink originating from Bali which has been legalized for circulation since February 2020 and then through Bali Governor's Regulation No. 1 of 2020 along with wine and wine. Brem is so popular among the people and foreign tourists that it is even considered as one of the typical souvenirs of Bali. Actually Brem consumption was originally used for traditional ceremonies.

3. Beer Java – Yogyakarta


Javanese beer is a traditional Yogyakarta drink made from various healthy spices. Although named Beer, however This Javanese beer is completely intoxicating and does not contain alcohol. Javanese beer was created by Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII who often saw Dutch troops drinking beer until drunk. Sri Sultan then made his own version of beer which was not intoxicating.

4. Sopi – Flores


Sopi is beer Indonesian traditional typical of Flores and Maluku made from palm or sugar palm fermented in bamboo tree trunks for about 10 days. Sopi has a sweet taste, people sometimes add it with various spices and roots. Sopi is a symbol of togetherness, usually presented in special moments, such as religious rituals or traditional ceremonies.

5. Swansrai – Papua


Swansrai comes from Papua which is only served to guests who are considered important and very respectable. The presentation process is also very unique, because it does not use glass, but a coconut shell. Swansrai is produced from fermented coconut water which is very old. Just like wine or wine, alcohol content contained in Swansrai is quite high, which is around 20-30%.

6. Bir Pletok – Jakarta


Pletok beer is also a traditional beer that does not contain alcohol at all. Originally from the Betawi community in Jakarta. The process of making it from various spices, such as ginger, fragrant pandan leaves, and lemongrass. The red color in Bir Pletok comes from the secang wood used. Usually served in warm conditions. Pletok beer has many health benefits, such as improving blood circulation.

7. Ballo – South Sulawesi


Ballo is a traditional drink from Tana Toraja which is usually served in bamboo glass as a treat in religious meetings or rituals. Ballos are made from palm tree sap which is fermented for several days. There are two types of variants, namely those that have a sweet and mild taste with alcohol content in Ballo only 10%. One of the harder variants with a sour taste.

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