The virtual world was enlivened by the news that Borobudur Temple was closed by a tarpaulin in anticipation of the eruption from Mount Merapi from a Facebook account on Wednesday (18/11).

The virtual world was enlivened by news of the Borobudur Temple being closed by a tarpaulin in anticipation of an eruption from Mount Merapi. This news was first discovered through uploading Arta Putra's account in the Indonesian Tourism Object Lovers Facebook group on Wednesday (11/18/2020). In the upload, there are 32 stupas and a floor of the 1 perimeter hall covered with paulin tarpaulin.

The head of the Borobudur Conservation Center (BKB), Wiwit Kasiyati, confirmed the viral news. BKB has deliberately installed paulin tarpaulin on a number of stupas and floor terraces of Borobudur Temple as an effort to anticipate and mitigate disasters towards cultural heritage. The number of stupas covered by paulin tarpaulin is 36 out of a total of 72 stupas on the 8th floor.

Not only that, BKB has also prepared paulin tarpaulins at several points in the hallway or terrace of the temple which can be held at any time when Mount Merapi actually erupts. The closing of the stupa at Borobudur Temple has been carried out since Tuesday (10/11/2020) after receiving information that the BPPTKG has increased the volcanic status of Mount Merapi to Alert (Level III).


Can Tourists Visit?

Although currently some of the stupas have been closed with paulin tarpaulin, visitors can still come and travel to Borobudur Temple. This is because Borobudur Temple is not located in a Disaster Prone Area (KRB) -3 which must be closed. The distance from the top of Mount Merapi to Borobudur Temple is more than five kilometers so it is allowed to open without any restrictions.

This is not the first time that Borobudur temple has been closed with a tarp. In 2010, Borobudur Temple was also closed by paulin tarpaulin because Mount Merapi had erupted. Volcanic ash that enters the temple rocks will be difficult to clean, the only way to clean it is to dismantle the rocks. The temple rocks will break quickly.

Apart from the Borobudur Temple, the closing of the paulin tarpaulin was also carried out at Pawon and Mendu temples because they are still included in the Borobudur Temple Compounds. The three of them are a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was established in 1991. Borobudur Temple was destroyed after being abandoned by the ancient Mataram civilization to East Java.

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