Bukit Saung Bambu Cartil Bandung is a rural accommodation in the middle of a romantic forest. Its location on Jl Padasuka Atas 41F KM 5.4.

Bukit Saung Bambu Cartil Bandung is a typical rural accommodation in the middle of a romantic forest. The location is on Jalan Padasuka Atas No. 41F KM 5.4, Bandung. In contrast to hotels or other accommodations, this place is so special because it carries the concept of nature in the high hills surrounded by tropical green forests with beautiful and cool air.

Despite being in the middle of Bandung's wilderness, Bukit Saung Bambu Cartil is very easy to reach. Only 3.3 km away from the tourist spot Saung Angklung Udjo. As the name suggests, almost all the materials in this hotel are made of bamboo tree trunks, very typical like the houses of Urang Sunda. Entering the lobby, visitors will be greeted by angklung-angklung which can be played freely by guests who stay overnight.


There are two types of rooms to choose from, namely a bamboo cottage in the form of a hut with two others and a window. Bamboo caottage is becoming the most desirable unique and creative design and surrounds a swimming pool. Even though the swimming pool is not very wide, it is enough to do water activities with the family. Visitors can read books in the library while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

Bukit Saung Bambu Cartil Bandung Facility

Although at first glance it looks simple, but Bukit Saung Bambu Cartil Bandung is equipped with various facilities that are fairly luxurious. Among them are seating, TV, kitchen, dining room, and private bathroom with free toiletries. There is also a hot tub for bathing with family in a hot tub. Each unit has a terrace with a beautiful garden.


Order now at Agoda starts from IDR 1,429,000 per night.

This place also provides various other facilities and entertainment, namely an outdoor swimming pool, temporary art gallery, and broadcast of sporting events. For visitors who want to take a walking tour, learn local culture, have a themed dinner, or take a cooking class for a little extra. Check-in policy at this property starts at 1:00 p.m. while for check-out is a maximum at 11:00.

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