The Hadaka Matsuri in Japan, which means 'Naked Festival', is part of a ritual to achieve blessings and hopes in the harvest season.

Hadaka Matsuri in Japanese which means 'Festival of Naked', is part of a ritual to reach blessings and hope for the bountiful harvest in the coming harvest season. When technology and agricultural machines had not been invented, the Japanese used to rely solely on human labor. Through the Hadaka Matsuri, the health of men to work in the promised land is demonstrated.

This festival includes an annual event that is held regularly every third Saturday in February. The Hadaka Matsuri in Japan are usually performed at a shrine in Okayama Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture. Although it is known as the Naked Festival, the participants are not completely naked. They wore fundoshi, the minimal Japanese loincloth.

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Celebration During a Pandemic

Before being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Hadaka Matsuri festival in Japan was lively. The main event starts at night, there are 10 thousand men running around the temple grounds in preparation, then purify themselves before cramming into the main shrine building. At 10 pm, the lights went out, the priest threw 100 bunches of twigs and two shingi sticks.


The priest would throw it from the temple window as high as four meters above. It is said that anyone who can take it will enjoy a fortunate year. The Shingi stick is more targeted. Men would jostle the shrine over one of the packs and / or both sticks. The entire event lasted only 30 minutes. Not without risks, the participants usually experienced bruises or sprains.

Visitors come from all over Japan, some even from abroad. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hadaka Matsuri in Japan this year was held very limited for a selected group of 100 people. Not jostling like never before, they will only pray for fertility, an end to the pandemic, and world peace.

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The Naked Festival is still being held amidst the pandemic despite all the restrictions. The Hadaka Matsuri were designated as an Intangible Cultural Asset in Japan in 2016. The festival has been held without interruption in a row for the past 500 years. The Hadaka Matsuri ritual is very sacred, under any circumstances it must be held so that it will always be blessed.

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