Depok is a municipal level area in the province of West Java. Prior to its formation on April 27, 1999, this city was a sub-district in Bogor Regency. Who would have thought, Depok used to be a separate country led by the president as both head of state and government. Not many people know about the history of this city of Depok. Check out the full explanation below.

At the end of the 17th century, there was a wealthy Dutch merchant named Cornelis Chastelein who bought Depok land covering an area of ​​12.44 km2 at a price of Rp. 2.4 million. This land has a private status, not under the control of the Dutch East Indies government. In the 18th century, Depok was an administrative area that had gemeente bestuur or the civil government. Chastelein became the first ruler and founder of Depok.

At that time, the Depok area was still a wilderness. With the help of his slaves who came from various regional tribes, Chastelein cleared the forest to open cultivated land. The coverage of the Depok area is very wide, starting from the entire Depok area now, Pasar Minggu in South Jakarta, to Gambir in Central Jakarta. The first residents to inhabit Depok were slaves belonging to Chastelein.

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Monument 0 km Depok (

Depok had its first president in 1913 with the name government Het Gemeente Bestuur van Het Particuliere Land Depok. The presidents are democratically elected by the people. The center of government is located at the Kilometer 0 point which is marked by the Depok Monument. Not far from there, stands a government building which now functions as the Harapan Hospital. The President only served for three years.

The first president of Depok was Gerrit Jonathans who took office in 1913.After that there were three presidents who took charge, including Martinus Laurens who took office in 1921, Leonardus Leander who took office in 1930, and Johannes Matjis Jonathans who took office in 1952. It's a shame, at all. no detailed records were found of each of the presidents during his reign.

Starting from Legacy to Become a State

Chastelein is a devout Catholic figure, no wonder he has a generous attitude towards his slaves. Before he died, June 28, 1714, he had a will to all his slaves to give them land, houses, animals, and agricultural tools. He also granted independence after he left. Worried that there would be a struggle, he appointed Jarong van Bali to lead and organize them.

The slaves who had been freed were worried that after the death of Jarong van Bali there would be a power struggle. Finally, it was agreed to apply a democratic system in the election of a leader who is called the president every three years. There is no vice president position, in carrying out his duties, the president will be assisted by a secretary. The concept of government order was created by Batavia's lawyers, implemented in 1913.

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The Dutch Community of Depok (

Depok was handed over to the Indonesian government in 1952 by the last president, Matijs Jonathans, through a special land transfer deed. When viewed from Depok as a municipality, it is indeed only 22 years old. However, if you look at the history of the city of Depok before becoming part of the West Java region, Indonesia, it can be more than three centuries old. Has been independent before Indonesia.

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