Sarinah is a popular shopping center in Jakarta. The history of the name Sarinah is taken from an important figure for Ir Soekarno.

Sarinah is a popular shopping center in Jakarta, and is the first shopping center and skyscraper in Indonesia. Sarinah is under the management of PT Sarinah, a state-owned company. As a modern center, the name Sarinah is quite unique. Not many people know that the history of the name Sarinah was directly chosen by President Soekarno.

The figure of Sarinah had really lived in the past, she was President Soekarno's caretaker in his childhood who taught love and affection. Even the Proclaimer also wrote a book entitled “Sarinah: Obligations of Women in the War of the Republic of Indonesia“. At the beginning of the book are written expressions of thanks and praise to him.

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“I call this book Sarinah as a sign of my gratitude to my nanny when I was a child. From him I learned a lot about loving little people. He was a little person himself. But the bud is always big! May God repay Sarinah's kindness! “

The old Sarinah Building (

President Soekarno met Sarinah when she was six years old in Mojokerto when she moved with her parents. For her family, Sarinah was not a servant in the western sense. He is part of the family. Sarinah slept, ate and lived with President Soekarno's family. He was not paid a penny, during his life he also never married.

Regarding Sarinah who did not receive a salary, President Soekarno explained that paying wages for household work was initially unknown in her family environment. Any heavy work that must be done will be assisted by all family members in mutual cooperation. Little Soekarno was very close to Sarinah, following him wherever he went.

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Once upon a time, Sarinah once told little Soekarno, “Karno, above all you must love your mother. But next you must love the little people. You must love mankind. ” This is narrated in a book entitled “Soekarno, Connecting the People's Tongue” in a special chapter of Mojokerto: The Sorrows of Youth. Sarinah had a great influence in shaping her mindset at that time.

Regarding Sarinah's origins, President Soekarno never went into detail. Traces of Sarinah can now be found at the People's Cemetery in Kepatihan Village, Tulungagung Regency, East Java. There is an old grave with a headstone inscribed with the name Sarinah, died December 28, 1959. In Indonesian history, documents about Sarinah are only represented by a photo belonging to the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia.

President Soekarno and Sarinah (ANRI).

The First Skyscraper Building

On August 15, 1966, President Soekarno inaugurated the skyscraper which was to be used as the first shopping center in Indonesia. The location is on Jalan Thamrin, Central Jakarta. President Soekarno called it the Sarinah Building, which has 15 floors and a height of 74 meters. Gedung Sarinah is specifically for domestic products.

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Slowly, Sarinah became a mall for luxury products and the elite. Minister of BUMN, Erick Thohir since mid-2020 has carried out renovations and transformations of the Sarinah building. The plan is for Sarinah to be returned to its original khittah, as the center of wealth for domestically made products and the epicenter of Indonesia's economic growth.

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