The architecture of this hotel is ancient in Dutch. This is because Hotel Salak The Heritage has existed since the Dutch East Indies colonial period in the archipelago.

Hotel Salak The Heritage is a four-star accommodation located on Jalan Ir. H. Juanda Number 8, Bogor. The location is very strategic, surrounded by the cool nature of the Bogor mountains. Not far from the hotel, there are a number of popular natural attractions, from Halimun Salak National Park (520 meters), Bogor Palace (550 meters), Zoological Museum (630 meters), and Bogor Botanical Gardens (710 meters).

The architecture of this hotel does look quite old with the old Dutch style. This is because Hotel Salak The Heritage has indeed existed since the Dutch East Indies colonial period in the archipelago. First established in 1856 under the name Bellevue-Dibbets Hotel, owned by the family of Governor General Charles Ferdinan Pahud. This hotel was originally functioned as accommodation for VOC officials who visited Bogor.

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During the Japanese invasion of the archipelago, this hotel was later taken over by the country of the rising sun and was used as a military headquarters in World War II. After Indonesia officially became independent, the Bellevue-Dibbets Hotel changed ownership and changed its name to Hotel Salak. There are 140 rooms and 16 meeting rooms in this hotel. Each room is equipped with fairly luxurious and complete facilities.

Salah The Heritage Hotel Facilities

There are various entertainment facilities, from fitness center, spa, swimming pool, library, karaoke, to billiards. As for consumption needs, there are bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Visitors from outside the city are provided with an airport shuttle service at a small additional cost. Every corner of the room in this hotel is connected by internet access – WiFi. Hotel Salak serves a full 24-hour check-in.

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Since it was first established until now, this hotel has changed its name many times. However, one thing that is not missing is its Dutch characteristic. Hotel Salak is very famous for its classy service. This is evident from the acquisition of a Certificate of Appreciation from the White House Communications Agency for the best service during President George W. Bush from the United States when he was in Indonesia in 2006.

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