If Indonesia has a very haunted Penari Village in Banyuwangi, in India there is a ghost village that is no less haunted, Kuldhara Village.

If Indonesia has a Penari Village in Banyuwangi, which was viral some time ago because it was so haunted that it claimed lives, in other parts of the world there were ghost villages that were no less haunted. One of them is Kuldhara Village, an ancient village in India which is located 17 km from Jaisalmer District, Rajashtan. The village is only ruins, full of stone houses and empty streets.

It is said that this village is inhabited by Brahmin Paliwah with a population of up to 1,500 people. However, because it was often treated unfairly by the authorities at that time, all the villagers suddenly disappeared and disappeared overnight, leaving a curse that continues to survive until now. Nobody knows where the entire population of Kuldhara Village went. Even historians have no answer.

The story begins 200 years ago around the 19th century. The village of Kuldhara in India is a prosperous region and people live in peace. All changed when Jaisalmer Prime Minister Salim Singh oppressed them with heavy taxes. Unexpectedly, Salim fell in love with the beautiful village head's daughter. Salim forced all villagers to accept his application and threatened if he was refused.

Temple ruins in the Indian village of Kuldhara.

Because it had exceeded the limit, all residents were furious and left the village of Kuldhara. Before actually leaving, the Brahmins along with all the citizens condemned his own village, that anyone who was truly resident in their former homes would suffer a huge catastrophe and disappear in an instant. This curse is believed to be true, even today.

Nobody dares to stay or just pass this village. Residents from villages around this haunted village even built a gate that would be closed at nightfall. They believe, even though their bodies have left, the souls of the inhabitants of Kuldhara Village still remain in their homes. The sounds of screams, footsteps, and rural life often begin to be heard as night approaches.

Become an Indian Heritage Site

As time passed, a team from the Archaeological Survey of India established the Kuldhara Village as one of the Indian Heritage Sites. Now this village has become a mystery tourist destination that is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists. Even though it has become a tourist destination, it still cannot eliminate the haunted and sinister side of this haunted village in India. Every night, the gate will be locked tightly.

the ruins of the Kuldhara Village (timesofindia.indiatimes.com).

Not mere gibberish, the ghost story in the Indian village of Kuldhara is real. In 2013, the Delhi's Paranormal Society sent 30 volunteers to stay overnight in this village with a variety of sophisticated equipment to scan the entire village. They survived, but with a very deep condition of fear. They claimed to see a variety of frightening activities, such as sound and shadow.

Instead of being afraid, since the 2013 incident, many tourists have become even more curious about the Kuldhara Village. Currently the Rajashtan government is renovating temples in the ruins of this village. The hope is that the government wants to bring another life that was lost hundreds of years ago in the village of Kuldhara through tourism. These government efforts reap the pros and cons, there are still many who believe that the curse is still in the village.

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