By using the Jogja Camper Van, tourists can camp in all places in Jogja, such as mountains, beaches, to forests.

The Covid-19 pandemic has created new trends in the world of tourism, one of which is road trip. Apart from being relatively safer, tourists also do not need to be sure to follow travel schedules and routes because the car will be driven by themselves. But if you want to enjoy road trip different, try Jogja Camper Van which is equipped with various luxurious facilities.

Besides road tripBy using the Jogja Camper Van, tourists can also do camping in all places in the Jogja area, such as mountains, beaches, even in the jungle. At the rear of the steering wheel there are compartments for cooking, eating and sleeping. There is a stove cabinet, frying pan, Teflon, and extra camping tents.

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Each car can accommodate 4-6 people. If you want to have a crowd, it is advisable to use two cars. Some slept in the back of the car, the rest set up camping tents. The car will be fully handed over to the consumer, then for camping preparation arranged by them. There are two packages, namely the Camping Package and the Non-Camping Package.

  • Tent Package
    • Remove the key, unit 1 APV Matic IDR 900,000
    • Honeymoon, unit 1 APV Matic IDR 1,500,000
    • Honeymoon, unit 1 VW Combi Classic IDR 2,500,000
    • Group 4 Pax, unit 1 APV Matic IDR 1,800,000
    • Group 4 Pax, unit 1 VW Combi Classic IDR 2,800,000
  • Non-Camping Package
    • Prewed, unit 1 APV Matic IDR 800,000
    • Prewed, unit 1 VW Combi Classic IDR 1,500,000
    • City Tour, 1 APV Matic unit Rp. 1,000,000
    • City Tour, Classic VW Combi unit IDR 1,800,000
(instagram / jogjacampervan)

The Camping Package, the location is in Watu Mabur Hill, Sarmo Reservoir, Glagah Beach, and Watu Kodok Beach. If you add people, you will be charged an additional fee of IDR 200,000 per person. Meanwhile, for the Non-Camping Package, you can walk around Jogja for five hours for Prewed, and seven hours for the City Tour. Visitors are asked to leave their KTP as a guarantee.

If you are unable or lazy to drive, a driver is provided with an additional fee of IDR 200,000. The driver can also be asked to help arrange the camping area. Other facilities include an outdoor cinema, lake fishing, jeep rides in pine forests, and outbound. It is important to know, all of these facilities are complementary so that there will be additional fees.

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