Komodo Island in NTT is now a tourist destination for the rich only because it will soon become an exclusive super premium destination.

Komodo Island in NTT is no longer a tourist destination for the people backpacker and tourists on budget again. This is because the government's plan to make Komodo Island an exclusive super premium destination is currently under construction. The construction project worth Rp 69.9 billion was started on Rinca Island by the Ministry of PUPR since October 2020.

In 2019 to early 2020, plans to build premium tourist destinations will indeed be carried out on Komodo Island. However, the plan underwent changes until it was finally implemented on Rinca Island because it was considered more strategic. The goal of building this super premium destination is to realize sustainable tourism in Komodo National Park.

The government together with the managers of Komodo National Park intend to make new governance, not anymore mass tourism in order to be sustainable. So far, the condition of Komodo National Park is very difficult due to operational costs constraints. Komodo National Park revenue from mass tourism unable to cover operating costs that are too very high.

The costs include routine patrols, research costs, and reforestation efforts. If you continue to rely on mass tourism, Komodo National Park will not be able to survive, and the fate of Komodo dragons are increasingly threatened. By making one of the areas in Komodo National Park, Rinca Island, a premium destination, income will certainly increase.

Exclusive does not mean limiting the number of tourists, it can also be said as membership. Every tourist who comes must first become a member with a certain fee ranging from Rp. 14 million. This fee is indeed very expensive, but this revenue will later be returned to become operational funds, conservation costs, and research.


Komodo Island Premium Tourism Pros and Cons

Indirectly, the development of premium tourist destinations on Rinca Island prohibits poor tourists who rely on promo tickets and mediocre money to come. Apart from the pros and cons of environmental impacts, not a few tourists from the lower classes feel that the government is too compartmentalizing tourists and depriving them of their right to vacation.

The government's efforts to make Rinca Island a premium tourist destination are not wrong. It cannot be denied that the Komodo National Park in NTT has been a promising source of foreign exchange for the country. Making a destination exclusively for the rich is not new. Several countries are known to have implemented the same thing.

The goal is one, to bring in the maximum income without destroying natural sustainability through the tourism sector. One example is Mystique, a private island in the Caribbean that requires funds of up to IDR 287 million for a week-long vacation. The Republic of Palau in Oceania is also the same, according to him, quality should take precedence over quantity.

However, in fact, the development of premium tourism does not need to be carried out if the related parties can manage the tourism properly. Reflecting on Bali, without having to make it a premium, Bali has succeeded in increasing its income and has succeeded in reducing the poverty rate to just 3.91%. Second lowest rank in Indonesia. The Human Development Index (HDI) is also high, 74.3 out of 100. It is the fifth highest.

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