For all these allegations, Kristen Gray was deported on Thursday (21/01/2021) on an American Airlines flight operated by Japan Airlines.

Kristen Gray was deported after causing a stir on the social media scene. Gray wrote a thread about his move to Bali since 2019. he shared that he could live in luxury at a low cost. Not only that, he also invited other foreign nationals (WNA) to come and live in Bali and gave tips on circumventing health protocols, visas and taxes.

Even Gray also wrote a book about all of that and opened a consulting service for foreigners who planned to follow in his footsteps. Through the book, he explained the advantages of living in Bali, namely safe, cheaper living costs, luxurious living, LGBTQ friendly environment, and the black community. Gray's act successfully provoked the anger of all Indonesian netizens.

Christian Gray long tail thread. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights has conducted an investigation and found several violations, namely allegations of spreading false information and misusing visit visas. For all these allegations, Kristen Gray was deported on Thursday (21/01/2021) with American Airlines operated by Japan Airlines flights AA8497 and AA8408 at 6:35 a.m. to Los Angeles, USA.


Bali Gentrification Efforts

Actually there is nothing wrong with visiting a foreigner to Indonesia for a tour. But Gray's actions to take advantage of his profits as a foreigner from a developed country with high income to enjoy a cheap life in Bali can lead to the consequences of Balinese gentrification that will harm the local community. Why is that? Check out the following explanation.

Gentrification is the process of characterizing poor urban areas and being transformed by the financially established people who move there. Gentrification is often called urban colonialism, the concept of exploration to a 'new world' is changed in the concept of urban society. Differences in social class and background do not create assimilation, they create social inequality.

So that Kristen Gray's actions invite foreigners to stay in Bali because the costs are low, while the UMP and UMK Bali are only Rp 2.5-2.7 million, so it is certain that foreigners will control the ownership of most of the properties in Bali. Prices and values ​​of goods will continue to increase so that local residents can no longer afford their living expenses.

Gentrification Has Happened in Jogja

Gentrification is slowly starting to occur in Bali. This can be seen from the existence of massive development but not accompanied by careful planning. The development focuses only on the tourism sector, such as hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants. Community livelihoods have begun to shift, which was originally in the agricultural sector, now only relying on the tourism sector.

IN. Yogyakarta is experiencing the impact of gentrification to a quite severe degree. The excessive romanticism towards the city of Jogja has made the city people with financial stability move here. Most of the low UMK and UMR in Jogja make it difficult for local people to reach their own living expenses. Even the young people find it very difficult to own a house with private ownership.

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