Saved the dark history of the past between the old stones that make up Leap Castle Ireland. A series of dark history continues to occur since 750 years ago.

Leap Castle Irandia is one of the historic sites located at R421, Leap, Roscrea, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Actually Leap Castle is not a palace, but a fortress in the 13th century AD when the civil war was still going on in Ireland. Now, the Irish government makes this place a very popular mystery tourist destination in the world.

Saved the dark history of the past between the old stones that make up Leap Castle. A series of dark history continues to occur since 750 years ago since it was first built. One of the most terrible ever happened in the main hall of the fort until it was known as Bloody Chapel or Bloody Chapel. Around the 1500s, as many as 40 members of the McMahon clan were killed by the O'Carroll clan while partying.

The story begins when Leap Castle Ireland was first built in 1250 AD by the O'Carroll clan. In 1532 when the death of the clan leader a leadership dispute broke out. The dispute ended when Teige O'Carrol chanted the holy rite and drew the sword behind the priest who was also his own brother, Thaddeus O'Carroll.

Bloody Chapel in Leap Castle Ireland (

Imam Thaddeus O'Carroll was seriously wounded with blood on the holy altar and in front of his entire family. Since then the spirit of priest Thaddeus O'Carroll has never calmed down and become the first tragedy on Bloody Chapel. The spirit of the priest haunts every Leap Castle to demand justice for his death with members of the O'Carroll Clan.

Other cruel killings also occurred in the 1500s. At that time the members of the McMahon clan attended a victory celebration party at Leap Castle because they had won a battle against the enemy with O 'Carroll. The McMahon clan is indeed known as a very reliable clan in weapons processing. The McMahon clan was hired by the O'Carroll clan to help him in the battle against his nemesis.

Without warning, as many as 40 members of the McMahon Clan were poisoned while attending the party. This was done by the O'Carroll Clan to avoid payment for the services of the McMahon Clan. This heinous tragedy is then referred to as being the meanest on Bloody Chapel. The spirits of the McMahon clan members are said to haunt this place until now.

The O'Carroll Clan's secret prison in Leap Castle (Quora).

In 1922 a worker at Leap Castle discovered a secret trap behind a wall in the corner of the Bloody Chapel. As they explored the dark passageway that kept leading down then they found dozens of human skeletons on wooden nails in a room similar to a prison. It is believed that the room was the O'Carroll Clan's secret prison killing enemies or uninvited guests.

The splendor of Leap Castle was then destroyed in 1922 by the IRA and became ruins. In 1991 the ownership was bought by Sean and Anne Ryan. Sean restored the fort's original condition and played host to anyone who was curious about the awesomeness of Leap Castle. Sean claimed to be often haunted by spirits in this place, but as time went by he could coexist peacefully.

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