There are still tourist destinations that still open tourist activities in the Mount Merapi-prone zone. The following tourist destinations are open even though Mount Merapi is on alert.

Since 5 November 2020, the volcanic status of Mount Merapi has been upgraded to Alert (Level III). The Geological Disaster Technology Research and Development Center (BPPTKG) also recommended that tourism actors not carry out activities in the Disaster Prone Area (KRB) III of Mount Merapi. A number of tourist destinations around Mount Merapi have been closed by the Mount Merapi National Park (TNGM).

Even so, there are still stubborn tourist destination managers who still open tourist activities in the Mount Merapi-prone zone. The following are tourist destinations that remain open despite the status of Mount Merapi Siaga.

1. The Lost World Castle


This tourist destination on Jalan Kaliurang KM 22.5, Sleman Regency is still open because it is not located in the KRB III area of ​​Mount Merapi. The Lost World Castle is in a vulnerable zone, but not in the red zone which must be closed. There are three levels of zoning, namely KRB I, KRB II, and KRB III. The last area becomes the most dangerous because it is 5 kilometers from the top of Mount Merapi.

2. Merapi Park


Merapi Park is not far from The Lost World Castle, located at Jalan Kaliurang KM 22.5. This tourist destination is located at a radius of 12 kilometers from the peak of Mount Merapi, so it is not in the red zone (KRB III). This tourist park is open as usual to serve tourists. There are absolutely no restrictions on activities even though Merapi Park is only open.

3. Bukit Sanjaya


Bukit Sanjaya tourist area in Samiran Village, Selo District, Boyolali is still open because it is not in the KRB III area of ​​Mount Merapi. Only tourist destinations that are in KRB III with a radius of five kilometers from the summit of Mount Merapi that must be closed. In addition, usually when Mount Merapi erupts, hot clouds and cold lava glide towards Magelang on the opposite side of Selo.

4. Jeep Lava Tour


Jeep Lava Tour is an activity to explore nature and the remnants of the eruption of Mount Merapi in the past using a Jeep. Even though the current status of Mount Merapi is Siaga, The Jeep Lava Tour is still operating as usual with a revised route away from the KRB III within a five kilometer radius from the summit. The management will continue to operate the Jeep Lava Tour until there is a call for further closure.

5. New Selo, Boyolali

New Selo, a tourist destination on the slopes of Mount Merapi in Boyolali, remains open even though Mount Merapi is in Alert status. New Selo is not located in the KRB III area, so it is relatively safer. From the previous eruption pattern of Mount Merapi, Selo is also not a route for gliding hot clouds or cold lava from Mount Merapi, but Magelang Regency.

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