The rooms in Nira Camper Village are in the form of bubble tent or transparent balloon tents in the middle of a beautiful, cool, beautiful nature

Nira Camper Village is a unique hotel in Jogja that has a theme glamor camping (glamping) semi-outdoor concept. The rooms in this inn are in the form of bubble tent or transparent balloon tents in the middle of a beautiful open air, cool, also beautiful. Although a tent, the facilities provided in it are very luxurious like a five-star hotel.

Buble tent lodging is indeed not something new in Indonesia. This kind of thing can be found in several inns in Bali. But for Jogja, this concept is the first. The location is in Kregen, Wukirsari, Cangkringan District, Sleman Regency, D.I. Yogyakarta. This accommodation is fairly new because it opened last October 2019.


Nira Camper Village is in the middle of a paddy field. The size of the bubble tent is large enough to allow visitors who stay to see the expanse of green fields that are spread wide. When night falls, the panoramic view of the starry sky can be enjoyed by visitors while lying down on a comfortable mattress.

Nira Camper Village facilities

At present Nira Camper Village occupies an area of ​​700 square meters with only one room and for one customer only, it is very exclusive. One bubble tent can only hold a maximum of four people. But considering that the area is quite large, it can also be added to other tents around the bubble tent. Depending on the request of the customer.


Book now with prices starting from IDR 750,000 per night.

In the bubble tent is equipped with facilities such as a separate bathroom, living room, pantry, and also a swimming pool. Even though it's a tent, the inside of the bubble tent doesn't feel hot at all. Because the inside of the room is provided by portable air conditioners to keep the temperature cool. Quiet curtains available to maintain privacy.

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