The Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area in North Jakarta has recently been on the rise because it has a new culinary area with an interesting concept.

The Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area in North Jakarta has recently been on the rise because it has a new culinary area with a unique and interesting concept. PIK is actually a residential area known for its nightlife spots such as beer gardens, karaoke bars, and dance clubs. PIK is a well-preserved coastal area in the center of Jakarta.

On one side, the PIK area has a mangrove forest on Jalan Garden House RT 8 / RW 1, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan. This forest is very popular and often becomes an escape destination for tired Jakartans with the hectic urban life. There are various exciting activities you can do, from cycling to camping.

Overnight in PIK Mangrove Forest

PIK's mangrove forest has a unique accommodation in the form of wooden huts with a capacity of up to two people. The facilities provided are quite complete, starting from internet access, parking, and toiletries. In addition, there are also villas not far from the PIK mangrove forest, RedDoorz Resort Taman Wisata Mangrove which is dominated by wood.

Pondok Kayu in the mangrove forest of PIK can be booked on Airbnb, the price per night is around USD 23. As for RedDoorz Resort in Mangrove Tourism Park, you can booked on Agoda with prices per night starting from IDR 116,591. Even though it is cheap, this accommodation is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery with various luxurious and complete facilities.


Green Garden in the Middle of PIK

Located on Pulau Maju or Golf Island and in the same complex as GIOI Restaurant and Toby's Estate, there is a modern urban green garden. Named Urban Farm PIK, this garden grows various types of vegetables, fruit and spices. In addition to greening, it is also used as a mixture of dishes in the surrounding restaurants.

Even though it is located on a reclaimed island area that seems hot, visitors will be spoiled with a cool atmosphere with a breezy breeze that makes you feel at home for a long time. Entering Urban Farm PIK is free, only pay if you enter the cafe and order a cup of coffee or eat. At first glance, the natural atmosphere in this place is similar to Bali without trees and foreigners.

White Sand Beach at PIK 2

Apart from mangrove forests, there is also a white sand beach which is the only artificial beach in Jakarta. Its existence is still not well known because it is still under development by Agung Sedayu. The trees looked like they had just been planted. In a few years, this coastal area may become popular as a beautiful shady coast.

Right on the edge of this white sand beach there is a culinary tourism center that extends several hundred meters. Peddling a variety of delicious culinary delights, ranging from Indonesian, Chinese, to viral Korean dishes. The white sand beach area at PIK 2 is only open from 15.00-21.00 WIB. Exploring too far is prohibited as some areas are not yet open to the public.


Pantjoran PIK with Chinese nuances

North Jakarta has a new area with Chinese nuances, namely Pantjoran Pantai Indah Kapuk or Pantjoran PIK on Maju Island. Opened in mid-November 2020, Pantjoran PIK's Chinatown immediately caught the public's attention. In addition to an instagramable place, culinary lovers will be spoiled with more than 80 tempting culinary tenants.

Some legendary snacks are also imported directly from the area of ​​origin in the Glodok pancoran, including Tak Kie Ice Coffee to the famous Wong Fuk Kie. Not only that, there are also various cool photo spots that are forbidden to miss. It is more complete with outlets that rent out hanfu clothes, which are traditional Chinese clothes for taking pictures.

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