The snowy Sahara Desert, one of the hottest places on earth, has experienced snowfall for the fourth time.

This strange and rare phenomenon occurs on the African continent. The snowy Sahara Desert, One of the hottest places on earth, has snowed for the fourth time. Previously, snow had fallen in the largest desert in the world in 1979, 2016 and 2018. This time, snow covered parts of Saudi Arabia and the Sahara Desert which entered Algeria.

The snow that fell in 2021 was discovered last Tuesday (19/1/2021). Then it went viral after being shared on photographer Karim Bouchetata's social media accounts. It snows in the summer, when the Middle East is supposed to be in full heat. Quoting Middle East Monitor on Thursday (21/1/2021), this snow is caused by low temperature air pressure.

This low temperature air pressure is concentrated in desert areas, then reacts with high humidity so that snow can form. This is in line with a spokesperson from the UK's weather and climate change office who explained that cold weather on the European plains north of the Sahara has pushed cold air into the region.


Sahara Desert, Warmest Place on Earth

The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world which reaches 9.2 million km2 . The name “Sahara” comes from Arabic which means desert. The Sahara Desert was formed 2.5 million years ago, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, from the Mediterranean in the north to the Sahel in the south, from Mauritani in the west to Egypt in the east.

According to researchers before it became a desert, the Sahara Desert was a savannas inhabited by humans. Around the 3rd century AD, there was a scientific change that turned this savanna into a hot desert. Humans then moved to the banks of the Nile River which was more fertile. There are no archaeological remains found, apart from one inscription.

Therefore the Snowy Sahara Desert is one of the rare and unnatural phenomena. The mastermind behind this unusual incident is global warming resulting in climate change. The Ain Sefra region, Algeria does have low temperatures in winter, but snow rarely falls. Even the rainfall is only a few centimeters each year.

This year's snow in the Sahara Desert falls in summer, isn't that a very strange thing? Not only the Sahara Desert, snow has also been reported to have fallen in the Aseer region in southern Saudi Arabia, temperatures reaching 2oC. Meanwhile, Baghdad snowed for the second time this century. The last snowfall in this region occurred in 2008.

When will Indonesia snow?

Unlike countries in the northern and southern hemispheres, Indonesia will never experience winter. This is because Indonesia has a tropical climate with two seasons, namely the summer and the rainy season. In addition, Indonesia is crossed by the equator, which makes this region more sunlit than other countries.

The only area in Indonesia that has natural snow is Mount Jayawijaya in Papua. Even though it is in the tropics, it can snow at the top of Mount Jayawijaya because it is at a very high place and surrounded by low air. This tropical snow is increasingly being threatened by climate change. The temperature of the earth is getting hotter, making the snow melt.

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