Local governments in Indonesia, such as Solo and Subang, have eradicated bats in the wild to suppress their spread to humans.

The Corona Virus Outbreak (Covid-19) has become a pandemic in almost all countries in the world. Victims continue to grow every day, until this article was written there were 378,741 cases with 16,502 of them died and 101,608 declared cured. Since it first spread in late 2019, word spread that Covid-19 is a virus that is transmitted from wild animals in nature, such as bats and snakes. This statement is based on the characteristics of the Coronavirus group, whereas scientific research has not been able to confirm it.

Based on this scientifically untested statement, many local governments in Indonesia, such as Solo and Subang, then took steps to eradicate large bats of bats and codots in nature to suppress their spread to humans. Then is the exact step of destruction?

So far, the latest genomic research and analysis results show that the spread of Covid-19 occurs between humans to humans. The Indonesian Institute of Knowledge (LIPI) also answered this polemic. Extermination of bats in nature is not the right way to overcome the problem of the Covid-19 outbreak, it is even wrong. The most appropriate solution to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks in the future is precisely by not disturbing and damaging wildlife in their natural habitat.

The elimination of bats will disrupt the balance of the natural ecosystem and food chain. Every living thing created by God has its own role and importance. Each of them carries out his duty to keep nature balanced. If one of them is lost it will cause a new disaster which of course harms humans. Bats in nature are frugivores and insects, and pollinate flowers in nature. In addition, bats are also an important part of the forest that spreads seeds which then grow into new trees that produce oxygen for all living things on earth.

If the existence of kelewar in nature decreases, or even disappears, then nothing else can carry out these roles. The flowers will not pollinate, wither without being able to produce fruit or seeds. The distribution of seeds will be hampered, as will the expansion of forests which is now a trend of Indonesian tourism. The availability of oxygen will also run low. Worse, there are no more agricultural pest control. The loss of the existence of bats can trigger an explosion of insect populations that become agricultural pests. The domino effect that may occur is that farmers experience crop failure, then the depletion of the national rice supply, to the famine.

Bat slaughter can endanger the natural ecosystem (Instagram.com).

This kind of incident should be a lesson for the government not to act recklessly against nature. Disrupting the balance of nature means disturbing also the place of human life. Instead of solving problems, such foolish actions can endanger human survival itself. The government before making policies, should coordinate and discuss with experts or related parties first. Hopefully the government can learn from this.

Learn from Failure

Previously, the United States had carried out efforts to eradicate bats to control the spread of rabies. Instead of succeeding, these actions triggered even greater disasters. A different case, Australia has brought rabbits from outside to control the grass in its savannas. Because of the rapid breeding of rabbits without predators, the rabbit population experienced an explosion and turned into agricultural pests. All types of garden plants were eaten up without residue, causing crop failure in a number of areas.

Ecosystem change due to human intervention is the main cause of the emergence of various types of diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Maintaining a healthy bat population by not disturbing and not eradicating it is one way to prevent the spread of disease outbreaks and maintain ecosystem balance.

A variety of exotic meats sold at Beriman Market, Tomohon, Manado, North Sulawesi (Instagram / vsamperuru).

Tomohon Market, Bats Consumption Since Hundreds of Years and Still Healthy

Beriman Market located in Tomohon, Manado, North Sulawesi. This market is phenomenal and a destination for almost all visiting tourists. The reason, in this market sells a variety of extreme culinary, ranging from bats, snakes, dogs, monkeys, and field mice. But unfortunately, after the Covid-19 outbreak some exotic meats such as bats and snakes were stopped until an undetermined time.

The Minahasa community, has been accustomed to eating this extreme meat since it was passed down. It is said that this custom even existed before the arrival of Christianity and Islam. However, there were no specific diseases that were transmitted from animals to humans. So is it true that Covid-19 in China is transmitted from bats to humans? According to a researcher from LIPI, Sigit Wiantoro, stated that the emergence of the Covid-19 outbreak stems from the wildlife trade in Wuhan which is not well regulated. Because they are taken from nature, these animals experience high stress and weak physiology.

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