The impact of the development of Jurrasic Park Komodo on Rinca Island can disrupt the conservation of Komodo dragons. During construction, many trees were cut down.

Development geopark The theme of 'Jurrasic Park Komodo' on Rinca Island, NTT has received opposition from various groups. A number of parties are concerned that this development will have a negative impact on the environment and natural surroundings, considering that Rinca Island is included in the Komodo National Park area. Rare ancient animals, Komodo dragons and various other animal species are on the verge of extinction.

Reporting from VOA Indonesia, Aloysius Suhartim, Chair of the Forum for People Caring and Rescuing Tourism (Formapp) in West Maggarai tried to remind that the impact of the development of Jurrasic Park Komodo could disrupt the preservation of Komodo dragons. (Varanus komodoensis). It is undeniable that during the construction of Jurrasic Park on Rinca Island, many trees around the location were cut down.

In fact, the trees of the Kesambi, Bidara and Asam types produce fruits which are a source of food for the Long-Tailed Monkeys. This monkey is one of the Komodo dragons in the wild. If the trees are cut down, the monkeys will have difficulty finding food, this can make their population numbers shrink. In the end, Komodo will also have difficulty finding prey.

Design of Komodo Jurrasic Park on Rinca Island (

In addition, the trees are a shelter for Komodo dragons from adult Komodo dragons. The newly hatched Komodo has the instinct to climb trees to protect itself from predation of adult Komodo dragons. The baby Komodo dragons will stay in the tree for two to three years by eating insects, geckos and lizards. If these trees are lost, then the baby Komodo dragons will be eaten by Komodo adults.

Do not stop there, Aloysius said that the construction site geopark Jurrasic Park Komodo is a place for several wild animals such as, Wild Boar, Wild Horse, and Wild Buffalo looking for food. The animals are prey of Komodo dragons. The presence of humans with all the noise of development makes these animals uncomfortable so they move to other places.

Damaging Natural Ecosystems

Reporting from, Director of Walhi NTT, Umbu Wulang Tanaamahu Peranggi, assessed that the construction of Jurrasic Park Komodo will have a huge impact on the environment and the surrounding community. According to Umbu, there are at least three types of potential disturbances that may be caused by development geopark on Rinca Island.

Komodo dragons are predicted to find it difficult to find prey if the construction of Jurrasic Park Komodo continues (

The first is landscape changes that have triggered disturbances in natural biodiversity. This can also have an effect on groundwater availability and potential development residues such as garbage and waste. If it is not managed properly, the second impact can cause pollution that disturbs marine life. Of course, the amount of clean water available in this area will be increasingly scarce.

Third, as a National Park area, it is appropriate to carry out a more in-depth study regarding its impact on nature and the environment. This infrastructure development also has the potential to spark conflicts over land resources and seizure over water resources with the surrounding community. This conflict arises because there is a potential for reduced areas managed by the community due to privatization.

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