The ancient building known as the most haunted house in Ireland is reportedly ready to be sold to those interested at a price of Rp. 42.3 billion.

The ancient building known as the most haunted house in Ireland is reportedly ready to be sold to anyone interested for US $ 2.89 million or the equivalent of Rp. 42.3 billion. Built in 1350, this house has 22 bedrooms and covers 27,124 square feet. Underwent a lengthy renovation process in 1872 and 1879.

The house, known as Loftus Hall, is located on the Hook Peninsula in Wexford. It is said that this house is inhabited by curious spirits. From Lonely Planet (24/7), it is known that one of the terrible stories in this house is when the devil disguised and visited to play cards with one of his residents in the past, Lady Anne Tottenham.

When Lady Anne learns that her opponent is not human, the devil instantly disappears in a puff of smoke. Lady Anne remembers this horrifying incident in such detail that she has died. After his death, the owner of the next house is often visited by demons and other spirits who show their existence.

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Artemis Fowl film series inspiration

Loftus Hall was the inspiration for Artemis Fowl, the Disney + film series in June. The screenwriter, Eoin Colfer, in his youth had worked in this haunted house. Loftus Hall is the setting for the fantasy adventure of a 12-year-old violent genius villain. He is the mastermind behind a number of major thefts on earth.

Loftus Hall was originally built by a Normal knight, Raymond Lee Gros, in 1170. The Raymond family built a castle which was named Redmond Hall in 1350. After being given to the Loftus family, the castle was renamed Loftus Hall as part of the Cromwellian conquest. Since then many owners have changed.

Today Loftus Hall is visited by many tourists who go on a monthly haunted tour or mystery night tour. However, the current owners, Aidan and Shane Quingley prefer to sell this historic haunted house along with the 63 hectares of land and a private beach around it. Are you interested in buying it?

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