Today the special Magetan citizens are stirred up by the phenomenon of mountain clouds at the top of Lawu which resembles a hat or also called the lenticular cloud. The phenomenon that enveloped the Mount Lawu suddenly became a discussion of net and viral residents in the social media.

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The shape of a cloud that is similar to the caping or the hat or there is even a mention of a giant plate in the language is called a lenticular cloud where the cloud is formed from the results of the movement of winds that hit a large barrier wall like a mountain which eventually causes a vortex. Lenticular clouds look so dense when they are not, they look dense because moist air flow continues to flow around the cloud and will come out through the lowest surface so that these clouds can last for days.

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Although these Lenticular clouds are beautiful natural phenomena, they are greatly avoided and feared by aircraft pilots. Because these clouds can cause turbulence for planes that are daring to enter the cloud or just fly near the Lenticular cloud.

Turbulence is an irregular movement of air caused by differences in air pressure or temperature. Such a phenomenon is clearly very dangerous for aviation. Now from the explanation above, it might be able to increase our knowledge together, that Lenticular clouds are dangerous because in them there is a whirlpool and comes out through the bottom and this is risky for a storm to occur and this type of cloud is also feared by Pilots for the reasons above.

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