Interdisciplinary anthropologist Samuel Veissiere Ph.D explained that, despite the large negative effects, the Covid-19 outbreak also had a positive impact.

The Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic in almost every country in the world caused tremendous panic. First appeared in Wuhan City, China at the end of 2019, now (3/26) Covid-19 has infected around 471,060 people on earth with 21,283 people died. In Indonesia, the number of cases due to Covid-19 was 790 people with 58 of them declared dead. This figure makes Indonesia the country with the highest mortality rate due to the Covid-19 epidemic in the world.

It is very understandable if people experience extraordinary panic, because the Covid-19 outbreak spread rapidly throughout the world. Patients infected if not treated seriously can experience sudden death, even though they show no symptoms. In addition, until now there has not been found a vaccine or anti-virus that can ward off Covid-19 virus infection which is still a group with SARS and MERS.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus, the global economy has continued to experience a significant decline and slowdown. Even some countries are threatened with recession if the outbreak does not die down soon. Indonesia has begun to feel the impact of the global economic slowdown due to Covid-19. The rupiah exchange rate continued to plummet, and even almost touched the figure of Rp. 17,000 per 1 USD. Not only that, the tourism sector is also predicted to suffer losses of up to 21 trillion. Hotel occupancy in several regions also continues to decline sharply, this is very dangerous for the continuity of Indonesian hospitality.

However, according to interdisciplinary anthropologist and cognitive scientist Samuel Veissiere Ph.D, to deal with the Covod-19 outbreak does not need to panic excessively, because it can trigger social, economic, and psychological risks that go unnoticed. Veissiere explained that, despite the enormous negative effects, the Covid-19 outbreak also had a positive effect. Here is a review.


The Whole World Works Together

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the world seemed to flock to work together to defeat a common enemy. This global collaboration has never happened. Before this outbreak, everyone and the state only thought about their own problems – the senidri. Political issues, anxiety, climate change, mental illness, sexual receipt, and suicide occur because of very high individualism. Each country seemed to blame each other, pointing at who the mastermind behind was blamed for all the chaos that occurred. Everything changed 180 degrees when Covid-19 appeared.

This case makes everyone and the state focused on one thing in common, understanding the importance of coordinating preventive actions. China is mobilizing medical personnel to help Italy, which is experiencing the Covid-19 crisis. Even the two countries that have been in conflict and conflict, Israel and Palestine, united to fight the plague of the Covid-19 Virus. Cooperation was carried out in the form of the provision of temporary shelter by Israel for 70 workers from Palestine, after previously the western border was closed to suppress the spread of Covid-19. Governments around the world work together to implement economic measures to help economically vulnerable countries.

Improved Air Quality

During this time the air quality in the world from year to year continues to deteriorate due to high pollution due to the presence of industries and motor vehicles. The world community is too busy working to forget that mental health needs to be maintained, pollution and polarization need to be controlled. Since the onset of social distancing then became physical distancing, slowly but surely the quality of the air is getting better because of the lack of passing vehicles and industries that stop operating temporarily.


Carbon emissions in China are at a very low point, continuing to fall every day. This condition was revealed by Nasa through portraits using satellites in Earth's orbit. Jakarta, which has been known as one the city with the worst air quality in the world also experienced the same thing. The DKI Jakarta Environment Agency (DLH) states that since the implementation of work from home, air quality has continued to improve in recent times.

Give Room to Nature

It is time for humans to make room for nature. Since civilization began, humans have been the single most damaging creatures of nature. Countless other damages caused by humans to nature, ranging from deforestation, environmental pollution, land eviction, to poaching. The implementation of lockdown, social distancing, until physical distancing finally gives nature along with all living things in it pause and space to occupy what should be their place.

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