Sianok canyon is a natural landscape in the form of a steep valley (ravine) in Agam district, West Sumatra. The valley of the Ngarai Sianok extends and winds into the city limits of the southern part of the Koto Gadang Gorge to the village of Sianok Anam Suku, ending in Palupuh sub-district. The natural scenery in this valley is very beautiful, even immortalized in Rp 2,000 denominations, along with the plate dance originating from the Minangkabau.

The existence of the Ngarai Sianok valley is less well known. The paintings in the Rp 2,000 currency clearly cannot fully describe the beautiful nature of this valley. The panorama of Ngarai Sianok can be done by visiting directly. The location is 2-3 hours from Minangkabau International Airport by private vehicle or minibus Padang-Bukittinggi.

This giant 15 km long ravine was formed from a geological phenomenon during the Eocene to Oligosesn, or about 25-55 million years ago. The Sianok Gorge is part of the fault that separates the island of Sumatra into two parts, aka the Semangko fault. Sanok canyon form full graben, the rock layer stretched then the center subsided.


Legend of the Origin of Ngarai Sianok

Unlike the scientific explanation, the people in Minang believe that the Sianok Gorge was formed from the struggle of two powerful people who tried to control the Minangkabau land. It is said that there was a man named Katik Muno who worked as a servant to the king, Sang Supurba and lived in Minangkabau, the interior of Sumatra. Katik Muno is a good person.

After a while, the kind Katik Muno slowly turned violent and evil. Overwhelmed by lust, he wanted to become the ruler of Mingakabau. He made the local residents afraid and suffered. Katik Muno then turned into a dragon and fought against the Supurba. When the battle was going on, the dragon Katik Muno spewed hot flames that formed a giant gorge in Sianok Gorge.

The battle ended in the defeat of Katik Muno. He then realized all his mistakes. As an apology, Katik Muno then turned the rest of the fire in Ngarai Sianok into cooling water. Now, the valley of Ngarai Sianok has become fertile land with a variety of rare flora and fauna, one of which is a species of flower Rafflesia arnoldii.

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