The reality is that life in the British Empire is not as perfect as imagined. The proof is the Megxit case, when Prince Harry resigned from the British Empire.

Some time ago, the United Kingdom became a hot topic of conversation among net citizens after opening job vacancies for domestic assistants (ART) at the palace with a fantastic salary of 19,140 Pounds Sterling or the equivalent of Rp 367 million per month. Not only that, these household members will also receive various facilities, such as a royal gym, squash and tennis courts.

Reported by Insider on Friday (23/10/2020), the selected household members will work at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle. Within a week, the palace householders in the British Empire worked for five days. Even so, applying for this job is not easy. There is a strict selection that candidates must go through in order to work with the royal family.

The life of the British Empire is very different. Every member of the royal family has access that other humans can only dream of. Is that right? The reality is that life in the British Empire is not as perfect as imagined. The proof is a case Megxit, where Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, withdrew from the British Empire.

The wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (

British Empire Crazy Facts

The British rulers were not native to England. Queen Elizabeth II's family hails from the Duke of Edinburgh in Germany. The royals of the British Empire were predominantly Danish and Greek. All are white people who are said to be considered the most honorable. Because that's when Prince Harry married actress Meghan Markle, who has African-American blood, much opposition.

Queen Elizabeth II lives in eight different palaces, half of which are located in Scotland, 400 miles away from London. All of these palaces are still inhabited by the Queen regularly to this day, adjusted according to the time required for royal events or just to enjoy leisure time. Buckhingham Palace is the main palace where Queen Elizabeth sits as head of state.

Did you know, Queen Elizabeth II's husband was a prince. There is a unique tradition in European monarchies. When the crown prince marries a princess, when her husband is crowned king, the princess will also become queen. This turned out not to be the opposite. When a prospective queen marries a prince, when she is crowned queen, her husband will remain a prince, not a king.

One of the strangest and most absurd rules in the British Royal family is that Queen Elizabeth II is the owner of all voiceless geese throughout the United Kingdom. Only the British Royal family can eat goose. Ordinary people are prohibited from capturing and killing geese. This is why the British people are both so afraid and respectful of these flying birds.

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Drama and Scandal in the British Empire

Queen Elizabeth II's younger sister, Princess Margaret was the most controversial princess of her time. He married Antony Armstrong Jones who later became the Earl of Snowdown. They are widely known as the most glamorous couple in the UK, they are often caught fighting and cheating. Usually they fight showing off their cheating partners. The Earl of Snowdown is known to be bisexual.

Princess Diana after divorcing Prince Charles often acted like a bad girl. He often tricked the security staff and went out secretly from Kensington Palace under the guise of just taking a walk or sitting relaxed in the park. Not only that, Princess Diana also likes to sunbathe naked. He thought he was living a life full of privacy in the palace, when in fact he was not.

Between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are also reportedly caught in the cold war. Meghan is said to have always felt jealous of all the luxurious things Kate Middleton had. Meghan also often worries about her African American origin and divorce status. It's true that many people look down on him because of that, that's what sometimes makes him overreact.

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