The reason why Mount Merapi is said to have never broken promises is related to the condition of this volcano which continues to experience upheaval at any given period.

Mount Merapi is one of the most popular volcanoes in Indonesia. Located on the island of Java, this mountain is known as the most active volcano in the world and is one of the most dangerous volcanoes. Mount Merapi regularly erupts every 2-5 years. The eruption in 1006 AD was even able to change ancient history on the island of Java.

The activity of Mount Merapi which was increasingly unsettling forced Mpu Sindok, who was then the ruler of the Medang Kingdom to move the country's capital to East Java, around the Jember area. As a result, all civilizations on the slopes of Mount Merapi were lost. Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple collapsed by the shock of the Merapi and slowly forgotten.

The majesty of Mount Merapi is timeless. Many kidung and song titles were created from Mount Merapi. One of the most popular is “Banyu Langit” which was created by the legendary Campursari singer Didi Kempot. Not only that, there are also many myths and folk tales born from the womb of Mount Merapi that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Merapi Never Forgetting Promises

There is one phrase that is very popular among local people about Mount Merapi, namely “Merapi Never Ingkar Promises”. This phrase is very legendary. After tracing the phrase Merapi Never Ingar Promises, it is a play on the 1980s-era film entitled “Merapi Never Ingkar Promises”, starring Adi Bing Slamet and Paramitha Rusady.


The reason why Mount Merapi is said to have never broken promises is with regard to the condition of the volcano which has continued to experience upheaval at any given period since the 16th century. In its history, the eruption process of Mount Merapi went through several cycles. The short cycle occurs 2-5 years, the intermediate cycle is 5-7 years, and the longest cycle can be more than 30 years.

The term “Merapi Never Breaks the Promise” is true. It always erupts every certain period according to its promises. Today (25/11), Mount Merapi is back on standby (Level III), just waiting for the time to spew out hot lava in its stomach. Mount phreatic eruptions occur almost every year. But the last explosive eruption occurred in 2018.

Starting in the 16th century, the eruption of Mount Merapi on Java Island has been patterned for its continuous volcanic activity. The longest rest cycle was achieved for 71 years. It is considered short because other volcanoes can take hundreds of years. Every time it experiences an eruption, Mount Merapi also takes many lives. Most occurred in 1672, 3,000 victims.

Mount Merapi is considered to be one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. A large eruption from Mount Merapi could occur at any time without any accompanying geological signs. Therefore, the government through the Mount Merapi Observation Center in Yogyakarta always monitors its activities without a break from six visual observation posts and seismicity.

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