Why do you have to have vaccines before traveling? Vaccines are given to prevent contracting various endemic diseases in the destination country.

The Covid-19 vaccine has been found, currently the government has implemented a national vaccination program so that the Covid-19 pandemic can pass immediately. Not only during a pandemic, did you know that vaccinations are also mandatory for tourists traveling around the world? Usually, this vaccine is mandatory for those who visit Africa and the Middle East.

Why Vaccine Mandatory?

Vaccines are given to prevent tourists from contracting various endemic diseases in the destination country. Unlike a pandemic, an endemic disease is a type of disease that always exists in a certain area or community group. Usually, including those caused by viruses. Several countries have endemic diseases, such as meningitis in Saudi Arabia and Yellow Fever in South Africa.

Even some areas in eastern Indonesia still have endemic diseases such as malaria. So even in your own country, you still have to be careful. Malaria was once a deadly plague during the Dutch East Indies colonialism. Malaria is caused by the Plasmodium parasite which is lethal through the bite of a type of mosquito Aides aigepty.

Why is the vaccine mandatory? Without vaccination, the consequences can be dire. If tourists are infected from the country they are visiting, then returning to their country can potentially cause a new endemic. Vaccination minimizes the risk of contracting dangerous diseases and provides the body's immune system. Not everyone can be vaccinated, there are special conditions.

Vaccines are made from microorganisms or toxoids that have been modified so that they lose pathogenicity and toxicity, but still have antigenicity properties. Vaccines are not drugs, because they are only given to healthy people. Vaccines will only trigger the immune system in the body to be active against certain viral infections that can occur in the future.


Saudi Arabia requires anyone who comes to the territory of the country to undergo a meningitis vaccine. This regulation is one of the requirements for a visit visa to Saudi Arabia to be issued. Thus, pilgrims or umrah pilgrims are required to vaccinate three weeks before the time of departure. Meningitis, which is endemic in the region of Saudi Arabia, is transmitted through saliva droplets, and humans can become careers.

Mandatory Vaccines Before Traveling

Vaccines given before traveling are called Travel Vaccine or Travel Immunization. Tourists who will travel to high-risk areas are required to do this vaccination, as protection for themselves and others when they return to their country. There are several Travel Vaccine, the following are among them.

  1. Meningococcal Vaccine (Saudi Arabia)
  2. Yellow Fever Vaccine (African Continent)
  3. Polio Vaccine (African Continent)
  4. Japanese Encephalltis Vaccine (West Asia, Vietnam)
  5. Hepatitis B Vaccine (Africa, South America, Asia)

Vaccines are selected based on the destination country, time of visit, length of stay, age, and health status, activity, occupation and contact with the animal. We recommend that you consult your doctor first, especially if you are unwell, pregnant, breastfeeding, have allergies, and have an immune deficiency. Remember, vaccines are given to healthy people.

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